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Remember when I used to update this journal thing semi-regularly? Yeah, me neither. Anyhow, I've finally got a few things to mention!

First, I figured I should update by saying what's been apparent for a while now, which is that I seem to have grown away from the dA community over the years. Not to say I'll be leaving, but that I'm simply not as involved as I used to be. I'll still continue to use dA as my artwork portfolio/hub of sorts, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. But I guess what I wanted to get across is that I'm more active elsewhere on the webs lately, which is to say Tumblr. If you'd like to follow me there and/or ask me random questions, my reblogs blog is over here, and most everything that shows up on my dA or YouTubes shows up on my art blog here.

Second, an update on creative projects.

As some might know, I published my latest novel Eve of End in 2013, between graduation and getting a full-time job in engineering. My current creative focus is with my next novel, Lyssia the Scarlet, which is still in its planning stages, but steadily approaching cohesion. I'd like to also announce that I've been looking into creating some original YouTube video series for a while now, and while I do have several ideas, my circumstances (to cut a long story short) won't allow for it just yet. I've already set up the new channel, and now it's just a matter of waiting for life to settle into place.

There's a bit of good and bad news for AR Book 2. Since I've already covered most of the backstories for Ruby, Freddy, and Don (the three protagonists) indirectly through combinations of Eve of End and the Blue Starlight comics, I seem to have painted myself into a corner of not having enough material left to fill another book as originally planned. So instead of a set of novellas like the first book, I'll be telling the remaining stories through a series of three games, which I feel can carry the stories better in some ways. It's likely this project will be the lowest priority on my list of major projects for a variety of reasons, but I just wanted to announce the change ahead of time because it is a bit of a drastic change, and I want to have a chance to listen to any concerns if they exist. Real talk, Eve of End wouldn't have existed without the fans of the THAF/Apesol series, and the last thing I'd want to do is betray them at the final chapter of the franchise.

If you have any comments, of course feel free to leave them here or in a Note, or drop questions in my Tumblr Ask and I'll probably get around to answering it many days sooner. And I hate to be the guy shouting about all this social networking stuff, but you can follow my Facebook page and/or Twitter for updates on stuff (my Facebook page is the better managed of the two, frankly I sometimes forget I have a Twitter).


PS: Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts, I really do appreciate it!


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United States
Novelist, anime-style artist, video editor, electrical engineer, Touhou fanboy, Nintendo enthusiast, Game Grumps lovely, and Trade Fortress 2 addict.

Most of my drawings are made with a 0.5mm pencil, an eraser stick, a clipboard, and Paint Shop Pro 7. I've been dabbling with a graphics tablet recently as well.

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